Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Weekly Menu 15th - 19th Dec 2008

Mediterranean meatloaf from last week, very yummy!!

Ark sorry late this week, still got various ill people at home it just seems to cycle round who it is. Nothing serious but poor old Noodles is missing his Christmas concert today, he is currently singing the songs for it behind me.

Monday - chips from the chipshop

Tuesday - pasta and sauce based on a fresh salsa we have that needs eating and should make a good sauce base !

Wednesday - beef stew

Thursday - rice and stuff

Friday - Most of the day will probably be taken with making this month's Daring Baker challenge to take to the grandparents for the weekend so we will be having snack food that can be eaten in the car on the way down to them after school and nursery.


  1. Sorry so many folks are sick at home! I hope the week brings lots of health.

    I am so jealous you have a chipshop. First of all, you get to say "chipshop," which is like the best word ever (I know, I am a naive American) and second of all, I imagine it is a place focused on delicious chips/fries as we call them. Duck and I are always on the quest for the most delicious fries!

  2. Grin Chipshops are a national past-time. Officially they are fish and chip shops and we have three within walking distance.. that isn't including the other food places like, kebab shops. pizza places etc that also do chips.

  3. I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I just stumbled into your blog when I searched gluten free cooking...my daughter was recently diagnosed with an allergy to gluten and I'm on a mission to learn as much about it as possible.

    Not to mention find some edible gluten free meals! Nice to meet you!!