Monday, 9 June 2008

Weekly Menu 9th June to 13th June

This weeks ingredient is eggs another real staple here both for savoury dishes and in baking particularly if I make that Opera Cake again ! One of our staple quick lunches is poached eggs on toast or muffins if we have them, in fact I may well be tempted to do Eggs Benedict for breakfast this coming weekend as we haven't had it in ages.

One of our close friends is however allergic to them thought she can eat baked products such as cakes that have them for some reasons. She is the same one who can't eat tomatoes and she had her baby four weeks early by emergency c-section on Friday at the same time as her father in law's funeral!!. She should be out of hospital soon though the little one is still being monitored so i am hoping to get some baking done to take over when she gets out. Oh and the builders start replacing her kitchen on Wednesday, they had hoped to get it done before the little one was born!!

The Gluten Free Menu swap is being hosted by Asparagus Thin this week and she is doing a very nice sounding menu including a French day with Apple, Artichoke and lentil salad and Chestnut-Onion Tart with roasted root veggies. I was just thinking I fancy a Pue Lentil salad so that probably influences my view :)

Monday - Fish fingers, chips, sweetcorn and peas by special request of the Small.

Tuesday - Spinach and ricotta (or cream cheese) lasarna

Wednesday - Gammon, fried or poached eggs, new potatoes, pineapple and something green

Thursday - Tomato and eggs (a real staple dish one which we have regularly and I have written up properly below)

Friday - Salad platter with boiled eggs, cheese, carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, and any other raw vegs that look nice.

Tomato and Eggs

(I think this is originally from a weight watchers book but we have made it in my family for years as a real simple, filling meal)

serves 3

2 tins of chopped tomatoes
large onion
pepper (optional)
salt and pepper
6 eggs
some cheese

Need to cook in a deep sided frying pan preferably with a lid.

Finely chop the onion and peppers if using, fry off to soften then add tomatoes then cook gently till very thick. Once the sauce is thick break the eggs on top round the edges of the pan so they are evenly spaced. Put the lid on and cook till eggs solidify, then grate over cheese and cook just long enough to melt cheese. Serve 2 eggs per person.

This recipe is easy to extend to 4 or even 5 people by adding more eggs or serve one egg per person but serve with extra veg,

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