Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Experimenting with Cheesecake as himself promised to make one for work and there is at least one gluten free person there.

That said there is really only the base that needs changing. This one is a biscuit base with a cooked top. Looks great though very homemade, partly cos the tin is very old so i lined it to stop sticking.

Looks great. tastes OK.

The base was nice though I couldn't really taste the cinamon even though it looked loads when we put it in. Biscuits were a GF rich tea which worked well. The top was nice but a little bland. Texture good though so should be easy to improve the taste by adding a little more lemon or some vannila or similar.

Flutterby Cakes

We, as in the small one and me, made these last week but I forgot to upload them.

Recipe from the Big Cook, Little Cook cookbook, made with Dove farm gluten free plan flour (plus Baking powder) .

Very nice they were too.