Sunday, 4 May 2008

Chicken Pie with Scone topping

I put this down on last weeks menu and a couple of people commented on it so I thought I would report back on how it went.

I decided to do it on a whim after seeing a recipe somewhere, though that was a gluten based one of course and had the chicken part made with chicken stock and so forth. I'm getting a bit more time and brain power than before but it's still very limited and I didn't have time to sort any stock so the pie filling became white sauce based.

I cooked off some leeks in butter till soft, added chicken chopped into bite size chunks to seal and then added some peas. Finally I made a sauce with butter, gluten free flour (Dove Farm Plain flour) and milk, once that had thickened I seasoned it and poured it over the vegs and meat in a deep casserole dish.

Then I pulled out my scone recipe and started to mix it up. At this point the baby woke up and needed feeding, how do they sense such things? His brother always woke just before I was ready to eat myself so I ended up with cold food all the time! I passed the making of scones to himself which went fine, he cut out scones and put them on top of the mix then put it in the oven.

By the time I'd finished feeding he was dishing up it was only when I went to eat mine I realised there was a bit of a problem. He had based the cooking time on the normal scone recipe and of course being on top of the chicken mix they hadn't cooked all the way though and the bottom half was mush. You may be able to see the uncooked part in this picture.

Luckily there had been a spare one that he cooked off separately so I quickly removed the uncooked ones off Small's plate and gave him the cooked one as the chicken itself was fine. The rest went back in the oven and a little while later us adults could eat to.

All in all the pie was really nice but think when I do it again I will replace the gram flour in the scones with something more neutral. While I love the depth of flavour it gives the scones on their own with butter or more cheese that same flavour is a disadvantage in this situation because any bits that don't fully cook are very obvious and distract from the quite mild flavours of chicken and leek.

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  1. Esther- It looks like the baby is letting you cook! Your posts lately have been just fabulous. This chicken pie looks great.