Sunday, 18 May 2008

Weekly Menu 19th to 23rd May

Where has the month gone? I suppose that's having a small baby for you! Rather behind on the allotment, I think this year is going to be mainly doing things like putting up shed and greenhouse and growing anything we get given plant wise rather than much from seed. We have a good start on the fruit bushes though and the strawberry plants should turn up soon too.

On to cooking and the pink mash never happened as I managed to burn the beetroot by boiling it dry! Oh well.

Menu this week is based round using up the vegs that have been building up from our veg box faster than we are using them so I think I'll be cancelling it this week. We have a LOT of cauliflower but also plenty of root vegs, onions, greens and various other vegs.

This week the Gluten Free Menu Swap is hosted by M-Elle over at Cooking and UNcooking and her ingredients is avocado about which she has some great facts. This was one of my gran's favourite foods and when she was in hospital and could order what she liked she asked for it most days. I like avocado but don't get it often as they are never cheap here but if I see one this week I might treat myself.

The weather is rather changeable at the moment so things might change if the weather does. We had nearly a week of real hot summer type weather all of a sudden but it has now gone back to being much greyer and colder and my menu rather reflects that.

Monday - Chops with curried caulifower fritters

Tuesday - stirfry with rice noodles

Wednesday - Chicken and apricots with greens

Thursday - Creamy cauliflower soup with brazil nut pesto from Super Natural Cooking

Friday - veg and bean stew or Red Onion Risotto

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  1. yummy menu! I like your cauliflower ideas! I am horrible for my fridge over flowing with veggies! Thankfully, for me, I have dogs who love juiced up veggies, so I use them as my garberators!

    Have a great week,