Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Smells, food, pregancy and allotments

As you might guess from the title I'm pregnant and for the last couple of months have been feeling sick much of the time. My sense of smell seems overly sensitive though at least most food doesn't smell bad apart from freshly baked bread which as I don't eat it isn't too bad. Others in the house do however. A friend of mine who is recently pregnant says she can't stand raw meat and rich cheese and hot chocolate smell unpleasant poor girl.

Personally it's things like plastic, many of my perfume oils espcally mixed up (I can't open my bpal imp box at all at the moment), strong chemical smells and the like. Being outside seems to help with the sick feelings so the fact we have just acquired an allotment is probably a good thing.

The small one says we have to grow ALL the fruit so I will be sourcing several fruit bushes etc in the next few weeks as over winter is when they should go in and small one and I are both getting apple trees as birthday presents.