Monday, 28 January 2008

weekly menu 28th Jan to 1st Feb 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Vanilla

I'm frankly struggling to the point I didn't do a menu last week due to the SPD . Added to that a new regular visitor to our household who is basically a dairy free vegetarian who also can't eat pepper, chilli, citric and a several other spices and I've been working day by day. I don't mind the extra challenge but not being exactly sure when they would be around has made planning a problem.

Finally I have been told my iron levels are low and have been given pills but also told to up my red meat and green vegs.. interesting to combine with the new veggy person to feed espacally as they are vegetarian because they react badly to red meat!

Still I have managed a menu of sorts this week, however i haven't put days to it as that is dependent on who is around when.

1) Beef thai curry with rice

2) Bean and veggy stew with dumplings

3) Pork chops and oven roasted vegs (veggy person to have something egg based instead of chops if around.)

4) cauliflower cheese

5) something mince based, probably pasta and sauce.

I haven't got anything using vanilla specifically on the menu but if I'm up to it will look to do some baking.

Monday, 14 January 2008

weekly menu 14th - 18th Jan 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Leeks

Last weeks plan went reasonably well. I didn't make rolls or anything but did make up a bread mix early in the week. One night we ended up getting chips from the chipshop so the veg and bean stew was shelved and is back on the menu this week. The carrot and parsnip soup worked well and was easy to extend when we had more people to fed than expected.

I am still very limited on mobility and have had to accept this isn't going to change for a couple of months which has got me rather down. I've been diagnosed with SPD (symphysis Pelvis Dysfunction) which basically means the pregnancy hormones have made the ligaments in my pelvis to loose which in turn means, the bones move to much and walking, standing etc is painful. However we have bought a high bar stool with a back so I can cook sitting down which should help though.

Over the weekend we had a vegetarian visitor so had stuffed peppers with lots of different vegs including red cabbage cooked in apple juice with sultanas which was very nice. Then we had our 'adopted son/younger brother' over on sunday to introduce his new girl friend so had a roast dinner, we had lamb which is a favorate.

Monday - everyone out or had a main meal at lunch so just snacks.

Tuesday - pasta and meat sauce

Wednesday - bean and veg stew with dumplings

Thursday - Sausage, mash and leeks in cream sauce.

Friday - Tomatoes and Eggs
(recipe I believe was from a weight watchers book originally. ) Basically thick tomato and veg sauce, cooked down till nearly no liquid, crack 2 eggs per person on top. Cover till eggs are cooked then sprinkle with cheese, allow to melt and serve. Very filling and one of our favorate easy meals.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Channel Four's Big food fight

Channel four (here in the UK) are doing a series of TV programs about food, focusing on things that need improving. They have got three of the big names in TV cooking to do the various programs, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey.. there is an advertising poster down our road which has the three of them all looking either worried or ready for a fight wearing outfits that look like they are about to play paintball or something similar.

There seems to be a bit of a focus on the chicken industry but also programs about junk food, bad diets and similar.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall starts off with three programs about the difference between intensively farmed chicken and free range chicken and his efforts to convince people to change what they buy in one local town. This is called Hugh's chicken run and runs the first half of this week at 9pm. Hugh ends up running his own intensive farm along side a free range one so he is free to show how they operate. Having grown up around both sorts of farming I already have a good idea but I don't think most people in this country do.

This is followed by programs by Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver. There is a preview article and a full list of articles here. It certainly sounds like some of the programs might be interesting. If they will tell those of us who already take an interest in what we eat much that is new remains to be seen but many people don't really think about what they eat and certainly if Jamie's school dinners program is anything to go by high profile chefs like these can get people listening in a way more 'normal' people can't.

The cookalong Live with Gordon Ramsey sounds an intriguing idea with the website doing various masterclasses before program where you are meant to cook along with him.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

weekly menu 7th to 11th Jan 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Parsnips

Well Small is back to school on Monday and Jon starts a new job which means he is commuting and so can't do the school run like he used to which means I have to start sorting that will be interesting as I currently have mobility issues due to my current pregnancy, I think I will have to drive which is a shame as it's well within walking distance normally. I have an appointment with the physio on Tuesday so hope they can help some.

As a result I'm not going to plan anything difficult but may change for something later in the week if I'm feeling up to it. As most of the meat etc for these is in the freezer I can shelve dishes if I want and do something different.

This weeks ingredient is parsnips. Such a hardship as it's one of our favourites, we often have them roasted and even Small fights over the last few ! At Christmas we put some parsnips and onions under the turkey at Mum's house. Those vegs didn't get as far as the table as the cooks eat them. The parsnips were dark and caramelised, they tasted like they were marinated in Marmite, fantastic.

Monday - Fish fingers (gluten free ones for me, normal for everyone else) baked beans, smilie faces (pre-made potato shapes which while they look processed are actually just potato and a bit of oil).

Tuesday - Cauliflower cheese.

Wednesday - Curried parsnip and carrot soup, scones or rolls

Thursday - Chicken stir fry

Friday - veggy and bean stew with dumplings

Extra baking etc
I want to try the roll recipe on Gluten free Gobsmacked
Possibly some simple biscuits or flapjack (made with cornflakes).
Bread , probably from a bread mix as I have some in the cupboard.

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