Monday, 28 January 2008

weekly menu 28th Jan to 1st Feb 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Vanilla

I'm frankly struggling to the point I didn't do a menu last week due to the SPD . Added to that a new regular visitor to our household who is basically a dairy free vegetarian who also can't eat pepper, chilli, citric and a several other spices and I've been working day by day. I don't mind the extra challenge but not being exactly sure when they would be around has made planning a problem.

Finally I have been told my iron levels are low and have been given pills but also told to up my red meat and green vegs.. interesting to combine with the new veggy person to feed espacally as they are vegetarian because they react badly to red meat!

Still I have managed a menu of sorts this week, however i haven't put days to it as that is dependent on who is around when.

1) Beef thai curry with rice

2) Bean and veggy stew with dumplings

3) Pork chops and oven roasted vegs (veggy person to have something egg based instead of chops if around.)

4) cauliflower cheese

5) something mince based, probably pasta and sauce.

I haven't got anything using vanilla specifically on the menu but if I'm up to it will look to do some baking.


  1. Hope you feel good this week! :) It is hard working around other allergies/intolerances. So much of my weekly routine is based on my family's preferences it would take some readjustment for sure!

  2. Esther - I hope you feel better soon. We missed having you bake lemon meringue pie with us. Take care and I hope your upcoming week will be much better.

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

  3. Esther, it sounds like you really have your work cut out!

    If you want a little help absorbing the iron from your diet try taking a homeopathic tissue salt called Ferrum-phos. New Era make it and you should find it in most health food shops and good chemists.

    It is completely compatible with other medication and any herbs you may take as it acts to stimulate the body to take up iron from the diet, rather than adding another drug into the mix.

    Best wishes for some time to put your feet up and a speedy recovery.

    Naomi x x x