Monday, 14 January 2008

weekly menu 14th - 18th Jan 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Leeks

Last weeks plan went reasonably well. I didn't make rolls or anything but did make up a bread mix early in the week. One night we ended up getting chips from the chipshop so the veg and bean stew was shelved and is back on the menu this week. The carrot and parsnip soup worked well and was easy to extend when we had more people to fed than expected.

I am still very limited on mobility and have had to accept this isn't going to change for a couple of months which has got me rather down. I've been diagnosed with SPD (symphysis Pelvis Dysfunction) which basically means the pregnancy hormones have made the ligaments in my pelvis to loose which in turn means, the bones move to much and walking, standing etc is painful. However we have bought a high bar stool with a back so I can cook sitting down which should help though.

Over the weekend we had a vegetarian visitor so had stuffed peppers with lots of different vegs including red cabbage cooked in apple juice with sultanas which was very nice. Then we had our 'adopted son/younger brother' over on sunday to introduce his new girl friend so had a roast dinner, we had lamb which is a favorate.

Monday - everyone out or had a main meal at lunch so just snacks.

Tuesday - pasta and meat sauce

Wednesday - bean and veg stew with dumplings

Thursday - Sausage, mash and leeks in cream sauce.

Friday - Tomatoes and Eggs
(recipe I believe was from a weight watchers book originally. ) Basically thick tomato and veg sauce, cooked down till nearly no liquid, crack 2 eggs per person on top. Cover till eggs are cooked then sprinkle with cheese, allow to melt and serve. Very filling and one of our favorate easy meals.

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