Sunday, 6 January 2008

weekly menu 7th to 11th Jan 2008

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Parsnips

Well Small is back to school on Monday and Jon starts a new job which means he is commuting and so can't do the school run like he used to which means I have to start sorting that will be interesting as I currently have mobility issues due to my current pregnancy, I think I will have to drive which is a shame as it's well within walking distance normally. I have an appointment with the physio on Tuesday so hope they can help some.

As a result I'm not going to plan anything difficult but may change for something later in the week if I'm feeling up to it. As most of the meat etc for these is in the freezer I can shelve dishes if I want and do something different.

This weeks ingredient is parsnips. Such a hardship as it's one of our favourites, we often have them roasted and even Small fights over the last few ! At Christmas we put some parsnips and onions under the turkey at Mum's house. Those vegs didn't get as far as the table as the cooks eat them. The parsnips were dark and caramelised, they tasted like they were marinated in Marmite, fantastic.

Monday - Fish fingers (gluten free ones for me, normal for everyone else) baked beans, smilie faces (pre-made potato shapes which while they look processed are actually just potato and a bit of oil).

Tuesday - Cauliflower cheese.

Wednesday - Curried parsnip and carrot soup, scones or rolls

Thursday - Chicken stir fry

Friday - veggy and bean stew with dumplings

Extra baking etc
I want to try the roll recipe on Gluten free Gobsmacked
Possibly some simple biscuits or flapjack (made with cornflakes).
Bread , probably from a bread mix as I have some in the cupboard.

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  1. Your veggie and bean stew sounds tasty- what will the dumplings be made of?

    I also liked your article, very interesting to hear what chefs are up to over in your part of the world. We've watched many of their shows...

    Thanks for coming by my site! :)

  2. what is your cauliflower cheese? that sounds good!!

  3. Sea - The dumplings will be suet based. I've found a supplier of gluten free suet, which happens to also be a veggy version. So suet, flour of some sort, probably onion and herbs or similar to flavour depends how I feel on the day.

    Carrie - basic cauliflower cheese is cauliflower, steamed or boiled to soften a bit then cover with a cheese sauce (white sauce with cheese in) and cooked in the oven. I often add other vegs in the sauce as well like tomato, peppers, onions etc to make it a full meal. I sometimes add bacon too.

  4. Esther -
    I hope your mobility is up to par shortly. I'm sorry to hear it's been an issue at all. I'm sure you would prefer not, huh?

    Sign me up for cauliflower night - it's my favorite vegetable I think!


  5. wow, you are nice to prepare your family non-gf stuff. Unless it's something easy like cereal or a sandwich for breakfast or lunch, everyone has to eat gf.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Sara (g-f dance)