Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Spring Rolls

Well as I thought I might by Monday night I'd change my mind about what to eat. I've been meaning to make spring rolls for ages and had a couple of packets of rice wraps that needed using up.

So we finely sliced some carrot, cucumber and leek then chopped some bacon finely and cooked of some fine rice noodles. The rice wraps turned out to be rather ripped but I manage to make rough parcels with a bit of everything and a sprinkle of soy sauce in each. This were then brushed in butter and cooked in the oven an idea I picked up in Super Natural Cooking. This had the advantage of helping keep the parcels together as I don't think they would have survived deep frying.

They tasted great, possibly not very asian partly because of the bacon but we didn't mind that.

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