Monday, 2 June 2008

Weekly Menu 2nd - 6th June

Not sure exactly what we are doing this week as things are a bit all over the place. Among other things my mum has been taken into hospital she has what they are pretty sure is a bleed on her elbow and her blood had gone extremely thin.. she is on blood thinners for a medical condition but her blood suddenly got a lot thinner than it should be as yet they don't seem to know why though one doctor suggested it was because she had eaten less broccoli than she is used to ! Because of that a very brief menu this week and I'm afraid nothing much about the ingredient of the week which is cabbage.

Anyway on to the provisional menu

Monday - braised Stake and onions with rice

Tuesday - (should be visiting mum so eating on the run)

Wensday - humus with mince.. trying to recreate a dish from our local Arabic restaurant which wonderful.

Thursday - fish fingers (GF for me) beans, carrots and potatoes

Friday - Tomato and eggs

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