Monday, 23 June 2008

Weekly Menu 23rd to 27th June

This week's menu swap is hosted by Gluten Free Sox Fan and she has chosen oregano as the ingredient. Good choice and something I use a lot dried. I also have a golden version in the garden which grow very well at this time of year so gets cut regularly and used.

Sunday we had a wonderful meal. Pan fried trout fillets with a cream, spring onion and tomato sauce served with new potatoes, griddled asparagus and baby corn with battered scallops on the side. It was quick to cook too, which was good as I had a new episode of Dr Who to catch !!

I also did the current Daring Bakers challenge this weekend but you will all have to wait and find out about that later when we get to the reveal date.. however I can say I will be doing it again possibly even before then!.

Menu for the rest of the week. I think my iron levels may be low again but forgot to ask about getting it checked when I saw the nurse today so will have to go back but I am certainly too washed out even taking into account a young baby and the sleep disturbance that comes with that so I'm going to try and eat lots of dark green vegs, red meat and fruit this week. On a positive note I have started Karate lessons which should help my general fitness.

Monday - Beef steak, baked potatoes and spinach

Tuesday - Chicken Tacos with salad, salsa and sour cream

Wednesday - Omelets with deep fried califlower and broccoli

Thursday - Lamb ribs with mint dressing, new potatoes and vegs

Friday - Potato and chickpea curry

Baking - loaf of bread and hopefully some biscuits or similar snack stuff.

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