Sunday, 4 January 2009

Weekly Menu 5th - 9th Jan 2009

First menu of a new year as the last few days have been eating up whatever is in the fridge, however school and work start tomorrow so time to get organised. This week will be a late shift week for Himself so quick to prepare or things I can do with a small under foot or prep in advance are the order of the day.

This weeks gluten free host is Gluten Free Goodness and she has chosen soup for the ingredient of the week something that will be no hardship here.

We have a lot of cauliflower and indeed other vegs knocking about so I think they will figure heavily particularly as after the holidays I feel the need for more vegs but in a warm winter sort of a way. I also got a new cooking book for christmas - cook your own veg, partly I think I was given in it the hope that we should be getting the allotment up and running this year.

Monday - Cauliflower with garlic and orange sauce (from above book) with potatoes and either chicken breasts or lamb chops...

Tuesday - chicken noodle soup as described in the use real butter blog. It is fabulous and easy to do as it's mostly just let chicken simmer in soy sauce and other things for a couple of hours to get the most amazing stock. !

Wednesday - Sausages and mash, served with cabbage of some type.

Thursday - Roasted white fish and leeks from the Jamie at home book, served with carrots and probably rice.
Might also try the winter coleslaw from James book as it sounds good for lunches.

Friday - some sort of veg soup depending what is left but probably some variant on cauliflower and potato or leek and potato with cheese scones.

Baking - We are running out of baked products and would prefer not to buy gluten free stuff it in as it is expensive. I certainly need more bread. Would also like to try these tortillas as mentioned recently on the gluten free yahoo group. Cheese scones and possibly some biscuits (cookies for those of you over the pond) if I can get myself sorted to do cooking early when himself is in.


  1. I hear you on the cost! that soup looks delicious. have a great week!

  2. Not only are they expensive, they don't typically taste very good either... although I succumbed and bought two bread mixes and a pie crust mix this week... so much for saving money and doing it myself.

    That chicken noodle soup looks fantastic!

  3. This is absolutely wonderful!

  4. Did you ever get to try the tortillas?