Saturday, 10 February 2007

Kitchen wish list

I said I would post up a wish list of things we want for the new kitchen for those who care. This is to allow those who want to give us presents to give us things we want not things we already have.

1) Cooking book stand.
Ideally one which protects the pages as well. Something that stands fairly slimly would goods so it can be at the back of the worksurface and still leave room in front. Mum had a great one years ago which was just a piece of perspex bend so it came up in front of the book and was bend under and back to stand it up.

2) Denby
We have some of the discontinued Reflex range.

We plan to mix and match with Imperial blue though more pieces of Reflex would be nice too. We might add some plain white china as well (possibly replacing our current everyday black set).

Currently have
7 all blue dinner plates
7 pasta bowls (these are really nice to use)
7 all blue side plates
6 all blue cups and saucers

It would be nice to get an 8th of the plates and pasta bowls.
Imperial blue teapot and possibly a milk jug
other than that we will want more plates and some pudding/cerial bowls but we haven't decided which shape yet. We have got quite picky about shape, how much rim and the like!

3) Deep edged frying pan with a handle that goes in the oven (preferably largish and with short handles on both sides not one long one so it fits in the oven properly). Our new grill is meant to work with the oven closed so we can't just leave the handle sticking out when finishing dishes off for instance. We can't remember if any of our current pans are oven safe and don't want to risk damaging them.

Will add more as we remember.

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