Friday, 17 August 2007

Veggy Box contents

We get an organic veg box from a wonderful shop called Wild and Free in Rugby. This is actually in the next town over and there is an organic shop in Coventry who does boxes but I know the owner of Wild and Free and he delivers in the evening where as the Coventry shop delivers in the day and when we started we were all out at work that day.

Anyway thought you might like to see last weeks box. We only get vegs currently because we found we didn't eat the fruit. We have started to eat more again so maybe we will go back to some of each at some point. I would like to point out the pepper in the front.. yes the PURPLE thing in the front is a pepper.. I didn't know they came in purple till we got that one.

We also get milk delivered by a milkman, yes they do still exist and his round finally has enough takers we can get all the milk organic though it costs more. We have been getting organic full fat since the start but he was waiting on enough takers for skimmed as he has to order it is set amounts. We sometimes get broken biscuit boxes of him too and may start ordering a few more bits like fruit juice and yogert though I want to sort a box to go outside so it isn't obvious from the road, no need to tempt people to help themselves after all.


  1. Where do you get your milk delivered from, as I've been meaning to switch from organic milk in plastic to organic milk in glass for a while now?

  2. I get it from a dairy crest milkman. I can look out his local number if you like as I see you are Cov as well but it's probably just as easy to go to the main website as you can place an order direct on there too.