Monday, 15 October 2007

some random cooking

I finally got round to some none vital cooking today. I've been finding that while I am keen to try recipes when I read them in the sitting room when I get into the kitchen my stomach rebels, however the morning sickness seems to be abating a little now finally.

First I made flapjack. This is what I always had as flapjack as a kid but it has cornflakes in which most flapjacks don't something I didn't realise for many years as a kid. The recipe is from the Be.Ro cooking book, a book that has been around in various editions since time began..

100g marg or butter
1 tbsp golden syrup
100g sugar
50g oats
50g self raising flour
75g crushed cornflakes

Heat oven to 190C and grease a baking tray
melt butter and syrup together. Mix other ingredients in a bowl. Mix together. Put in tray and bake for 15-20 mins till just firm. Cut into fingers while hot.

Oh I added some sultanas too.
Of course it helps if you remember the sugar. If not it turns out like this.. It didn't hold together at all but with some added sugar I think it will work as a topper for stewed apple or something.. Oh well!

Then I thought I'd try cornbread. I used this recipe. I'm not American and don't think I've ever had cornbread made by someone who knows what it should be like so I just followed the recipe as well as I could, subing the flours for a general gluten free one.

I also made this broccoli and cheese soup from One Hot Stove as it sounded nice. I am not really sure the two went together that well so will review each separately. The photo isn't wonderful colour wise I'm afraid.

The cornbread first. It rose well, and the texture seemed good, though very much like a cake. I don't know if that is normal or because it's gluten free. My first thought on tasting it was wow that's sweet. Small one seemed to like it though he asked if he could not eat the crust,after he had eaten most of it! I liked it but might try it with a bit less sugar next time as is was sweeter than most cakes I make.

The soup was nice. I was a little light handed with the cheese as the one I had was a strong cheddar but next time I'll add more and probably more broccoli too.

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