Monday, 18 August 2008

Weekly Menu 18th to 22nd August

I haven't been doing menu's for the last few weeks for several reasons the main one being no time to write them as Small has been home from school and trying to give him time around the baby means I don't have much mental space.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about food, far from it. Himself has recently had a cholesterol test which came back rather to high. The doc was rather short on words and without asking what his diet currently was like gave him a diet sheet and said try looking at your diet for three months and then we will test again, as he caught him on a bad day he got away with that so we have had little to go on apart from our own research. I don't think our diet is that bad but he does eat at work and snacks on the wrong things too much, as he admits he is bad at eating enough fruit and veg so have been addressing that and using an on-line food diary to log what we both eat.

This week is also Smalls fifth birthday but we are not having the party till a couple of weeks into September, the end of August is a bank holiday here and the main summer holiday time so his little friends are mostly away around now. We will be visiting one of the sets of grandparents on the actual day which means I only need to worry about food for the party itself.

Anyway on to this week.

Monday - jewelled rice and meatballs, as seen above (actually we call the rice something different but it's a little coarse for polite company! )

Tuesday - Chicken with pue lentils.

Wensday - Bean and pepper stew (basically lots of sweet peppers, fresh and dried beans , using up what we have lots of, probably some courgette as well) probably served with baked potatoes.

Thursday - At the grandparents.

Friday - pasta and sauce.

I also plan to make some Tabbouleh for lunches though not with cracked wheat obviously. I was thinking of using either quinoa or millet instead.

Plus some baking.. I want to test out some cupcakes etc for the party and of course the Daring Bakers challenge, after missing last month I have no intention of doing it twice in a row particularly as it is something I have missed since I went gluten free !! Exactly what that is you will have to wait till the end of the month to find out.

This weeks menu roundup is hosted by Gluten Free Cooking School so have a look there for other gluten free menus.


  1. Your dishes look exquisite! Yum!

  2. Ooh, tasty menu! I really have to get on the Daring Baker challenge... I missed the last one and need to just jump right back in. :)


  3. Tabbouleh = always a good thing. I think millet Tabbouleh is tastier than the bulgur when I used to eat it. The bulgur was too over powering for the herbs but the millet just absorbs all that flavor.

    I love the Jeweled meatballs and rice. It reminds me of a dish from Morocco called "Seven Jeweled Rice", which has a lot of nuts and fruit in it. If you like adding fruits to your main course, you should give that a try with meatballs or simply add ground meat to it.