Monday, 27 October 2008

Weekly menu 27th - 31st Oct

This week is half term so Small is home. (or as he is from now on to be called Noodles on account of him being too big to be Small now.. Why noodles is a long story with no noodles involve but is much more to do with me being unable to use someone's given name without adjusting it !)

The one thing he has requested we do is cooking so I'm doing something right. We will be cooking Tuesday and Friday as those are the two days his baby brother is at nursery. Friday will be Halloween monster cakes and the like as he wants a Halloween party.

Treestump is eating us out of house and home. He will eat pretty much everything even though he only has the first courner of his first tooth through so far! For instance yesterday lunch time he had potato, broccoli and peas mashed together with a little red wine gravy and carrots and roast Parsnip as finger foods. He then took not one but two small yorkshire puds out of his dad's hands as he was trying to eat them and ate them followed by apple and custard before polishing off a sponge finger and stealing his gran's raspberries !

Anyway onto the menu.

Monday - Tomato and eggs, that simple but wonderful regular on our menu.

Tuesday - Pizza

Wensday - (Noodles is out with his grandparents all day.) Thai chicken curry and rice (using coconut this weeks ingredient)

Thursday - Beef stew with wonderful beef from the grandparents which is sourced locally to them.

Friday - Halloween party so lots of party food with far to much food colours !

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  1. If you like Thai cooking try this site
    It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.