Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Home grown salad

Sorry I've not been posting much. Nothing serious just busy.

However I had to post to show you my lunch ..
My very first bowl of totally home grown salad!
Two types of lettuce, rocket, beetroot thinnings and various colours of radish. May not sound much but although we have plenty of plants apart from a few berries as yet we haven't really started harvesting anything much and the weather here has gone from very sunny to very rainy so a nice summer salad reminds me it has been sunny and hopefully will be again and the rain is good for the plants !

I'm off shortly to help at the after school cooking club Noodles goes to. Last week, which was the first one, we made fruit kababs, which they very much enjoyed making and eating.

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  1. Esther your salad looks wonderful! I'm impressed that you grew it yourself. Beautiful photo too!

    Martha from the glutenfreerecipe list