Monday, 20 July 2009

Weekly Menu 20th to 24th July

This week is the first week of the school holidays so will be marked by us getting into a new routine hopefully and maybe even me driving the big car. I've had a driving lesson and have another booked this evening because my lovely little Smart car is automatic and while I have a manual licence I haven't driven a manual car since I passed, well once a day or so after I passed.. The big car is need to fit both boys in however so if we are to be able to go out and do anything outside the city or indeed some far flung parts of the city I need to drive the other car.

In other news I scored some silicon baking things for 3 pound the lot at a charity shop. One cake 'tin' and two mini fairycake (cupcake) moulds.. really mini they are only about an inch across each hole.

The menu for the week is fairly basic and easy to give the boys my time.

Monday - leftovers from the weekend.

Tuesday - sausage and new potatoes, because I am picking up a sausage order from my butcher, I get 10lb at a time specially made for me. Beef this time.

Wednesday - stir fry

Thursday - pasta and sauce

Friday - out and about.

Baking - I promised Noodles millionaires shortbread this week. Plus working on the Daring Bakers challenge for this month.

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