Monday, 17 August 2009

Weekly Menu 17th to 21st August

Well last week went quite well really I tried a few new dishes like beetroot with cream and parsley, very easy, very yummy and very bright pink!! The photo above really isn't as bright as the real thing!

We also made a pickle based on over ripe bananas which i found in a magazine. I only did half a batch as that was how many bananas I had and it made two jars, we are already well into the second jar so that is certainly going in the recipe file for repeated use! The bottle in the picture is a lovely pink port we recently found, for roleplay events pink drinks are something we collect as Tom's character has a reputation for drinking them. The crackers are bought gluten free one.

The other thing i made new was this recipe for Kohl Rabi and Potato Gratin which was really nice, basically a whole bunch of veg in a white sauce with parsley baked in the oven. I used ready salted crisps and cheese for a topping rather than bread crumbs which worked very well. Plus it used red lentils so I managed to incorporate pulses last week as I said I wanted to. By the time it had cooked they had almost desolved into the dish and would be a very good way of adding them in for people who weren't keen on them.
I also did some baking including apple pie but that will come in another post.

So what about this week? Well the gluten free menu swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Goodness and she picked peaches as an ingredient. I don't currently have plans to use them but we do like them so if I see some good ones at the local shops I might give in. I noticed today another greengrocer had opened on the high street this morning and they look quite good, they also sell Halal meat but then one of the others is also an Indian shop where i get various flours and a third is also a flower shop the final one in walking distance is just a greengrocer! I think four in easy walking distance is pretty good really and there are probably a couple more if I wanted to walk a bit farther.. Plus I went into the market in the centre of town for the first time in a while and was pleasantly surprised at the variety in there too.

I've ended up trying nemaslug on the allotment to see if I can cut back the number of slugs are they are just doing to much damage after all the damp weather we have had. Though we are still getting lots of potatoes, corgettes, runner beans and cucumbers (had a white one last week though it's the only one from that type that have grown so far) plus the tomatoes are ripening and not all have been slug damaged. There are a couple of aubergeine, again keeping fingers crossed they survive the slugs as the first one didn't plus a pepper or two and there should be a few sweetcorn soon.

Monday - Spare ribs with Aubergine salad

Tuesday - stuffed courgettes from the allotment as I have several largish ones I plan to pick tomorrow.

Wednesday - Sausage, new potatoes and fried cucumber. (I have 10lb of lamb sausages to be picked up Friday to add to the 10lb of beef ones in the freezer as my butcher is getting them made up specially for me.)

Thursday - potato bake

Friday - home made Fish and chips.

Baking - more biscuits and cake bars as the boys are all at home plus I haven't as yet got round to this months Daring Bakers Challenge.


  1. that pic is bright! and the idea of pickled bananas is intriguing. have a marvelous week.

  2. Yes it is but the real thing was almost florescent it was that intense.