Thursday, 15 October 2009

Daring Cooks make Pho

Argg I'm a couple of days late I completely missed the posting date but i was rather distracted as our three legged cat was found seriously hurt in a neighbours drive Wensday morning. We have had to have him put to sleep, he had been savaged by a dog and was just too badly hurt to keep going, any one of the things wrong with him would have been sortable but all together they were just to much for him.. We will miss him greatly and whoever's dog is responsible is very lucky I don't know who they are!

Anyway after that rather big downer to something all together more tasty.

the Daring Cook challenge this month was Pho by Jaden of Steamy Kitchen.. I used her full length recipe which can be found here on her blog. We have been asked not to post that recipe in full but we were given a shorter one from her up and coming bookcalled The Steamy Kitchen cookbook which will be on other Daring cooks blogs if you wish to look.

I very much recommend this recipe, it was flavourful and very comforting without being overly hot, all of us including the smalls liked it which isn't always true with soup. Even the long version isn't hard it just needs some time around the house rather than sitting over the stove and it's naturally gluten free to!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Don't even worry about being late (it was just barely late anyway). The pho looks perfect =D.

  2. Im sorry to hear what happened to your furry monster... Wishing you all the best!

  3. oh no... sorry you had to go through all this :( Your pho turned out great tho, good job :)

  4. i'm so sorry to hear about your cat - we've just taken in a stray and would have been heartbroken if i'd been in your shoes.

    your pho does look good though - i'm glad you liked it.