Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Weekly menu 9th to 13th November 2009

Wrote this monday and completely forgot to hit publish!

My Christmas pudding planning is slowly shaping up, I am now roughing out a gluten, citrus and maize free one so my mum and step-dad can eat it too. My step dad is unable to have citric which means he rarely gets Christmas pub either so was quite keen on the idea when I suggested it. I think citric is almost if not as common as gluten as a random added extra in processed foods so he has to be just as careful as I do.. don't you find it typical my mum can have gluten but gets very similar reactions as my obvious ones to maize ie a form of rheumatic arthritis!

Also need to remember to ask the butcher to do me a batch of gluten free sausage meat to freeze ready for things like sausage-meat stuffing as my brother and I have been parcelling out who cooks what for Christmas and as stuffing is problematic for me I'm doing that among other things.  Have a hankering to make sausage rolls too !!

This weeks Gluten free menu swap is hosted by Gluten Free Goodness even though she has no kitchen this week! She has picked carrots as this weeks ingredient. We use carrots on almost a daily basis so I can pretty much guarantee we will have them as a vegetable this week at some point as everyone likes them. My favourite way to dress up basic boiled carrots is drain them, then add a little butter and lemon juice and toss them in the mix, very simple but very nice.

Last week didn't go quite as planned as the lamb chops turned out to be stewing lamb but they made a really good stew later in the week!

Monday - Filled yorkshire puds

Tuesday - Fish fingers and smiley faces as they are easy and we are re-oiling the work surfaces in the kitchen.

Wednesday - Pho

Thursday - Pork chops with oven roast veg.

Friday -  Tempted to do a suet pudding possible a steak one but will depend on time. The weather is definitely darker and colder recently and that always get me thinking about me traditional stodgier British food.

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