Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bargins on the high Street

I am very much a supporter of buying locally and I have been trying to support my local shops more recently rather than defaulting to the supermarket. I do still buy some things in the supermarket but we now get vegs from the allotment, a veg box every other week from a local organic shop and any extras from a couple of very good veg shops on the local high street. In fact in easy walking distance we have at least 4 shops with a good range of veg, some more traditional English, some quite Asian oriented.

We get milk delivered by a milk man and the local bread shop is great and we have noticed their prices have not gone up nearly as much as the supermarket so now they are on a par was as not so long ago they were noticeably more expensive.

I am also trying to buy most meat from the local butcher and having had some fantastic beef from him has really brought home how bland the supermarket stuff can be.. he also happily caters to my wims making me gluten free sausages to my specs and even getting me suet when I ask.. It turns out they normally have the abattoir throw the suet away before delivering the carcase as they have no use for it so as a result I got it for free! I got about 5lb, which I'm guessing is one cows worth, of which the picture show about a pounds worth.. Its' quite flaky fat though in this raw form you do have to separate the fat from the surrounding membrain but it means I can make proper chirstmas pub well a gluten free 'proper' one anyway.

The other big bargain of the week was bananas! I stopped at the newest of our veg shops to buy a couple of bags of bananas to make chutney as our current favourite is banana based and spotted that while the bags were a good price they had a big heaped box full of slightly brown ones marked up for 1.99 for the box !! As the recipe calls for very ripe bananas that seemed like a plan!  In all there was 28lb of bananas in the box so that's about 7p a pound!!

Actually turns out most aren't too ripe for eating straight either so the smallest having recovered from his illness earlier in the week has been stuffing himself with them and they are great as fritters to!


  1. You probably already know this, but in case you don't, you can freeze peeled bananas. If you're going to use them in a smoothie, break or slice them into bite-size pieces to make it easier on the blender. If you'll use them for baking, you can just leave them whole and then either let them thaw in the fridge for a day or two or put them in cold water (still in the freezer bag) for an hour. They work great as an egg substitute in baked good and add a natural sweetness to pancakes. What a great deal, sure wish I would run across one like that!

  2. Wow! That sure is a lot of bananas. I love bargains like that. A couple of weeks ago I walked away with free punnets of strawberries because some of them were too smushed to sell. I love the fact that you get to talk to someone who cares when shopping at a greengrocer/ butcher as opposed to the supermarket. Interesting to learn about suet too, haven't been game to try suet based pastry yet!

  3. I've thrown bananas in the freezer as is, with the peel on!