Friday, 29 February 2008

I actually managed to cook stuff

Back on Wednesday I managed to do some real cooking. not just throw something in the oven. Now don't get me wrong it was nothing complicated but I did three different dishes which is more than I've managed to do some whole weeks recently.

Firstly I used up a whole lot of apples that were going spare to make an apple crumble with added saltanas. Small had claimed he wanted to help but decided he was too tired and playing on the computer was more interesting.. he was keen to know when it was ready though and it got eaten before I thought about pictures. Was a little too sweet of me. I must remember eating apples don't need much sugar as I'm used to using Barmleys for cooking.

Then I made my version of Trainee Domestic Goddess's energy bars. I only adapted them slightly so you can find the recipe here. The only changes I made was to use gluten free muesli and to swap the almonds for cashews and the peanut butter for cashew butter mostly because we had a couple jars of it that had been forgotten in the back of the cupboard and needed eating.

They came out very well indeed. Personally I'd have a few less sesame seeds but I'm not sure that isn't that in a funny sort of way they taste similar to the cashew so with a different nut base I might think differently. Tom was very impressed with them.

Finally instead of doing mince and pasta, I tried Gluten Free Mommy's sweet and sour meatloaf. It was very easy to make and was well received. Someone else was co-opted to cook some potatoes and veg to go with it as I was flagging by then though. There was enough for all three adults that night and some left to have with poached eggs for lunch the next day for a couple of us.


  1. Glad to hear the energy bars worked for you. I never realised you could get cashew butter. Where can I buy it from?

  2. I get mine direct from Suma which is a wholesaler for wholefood and organic shops. They do several other nut butters too like hazelnut. If you have a shop of that sort near by I'd try them first.