Sunday, 24 February 2008

Menu week 25th - 29th Feb

I've actually managed to do a menu this week. I'm still struggling but I didn't have to pick the Small up from school at all last week as Tom took him in before work and picked him up in his lunch hour. This week however he is doing an early shift which on the face of it look more school friendly but even with booking Small into breakfast club he can't get him there and be at work by 8. Luckily his best friends mum has said she will take him as she takes her two there anyway. I have a couple of friends who are going to help with picking him up in the afternoons so hopefully I will only have to do a few of those. We will see how it goes.

Last week and indeed still now we have various extras we need to get though which are left from an event Tom ran last weekend. We had rice pudding as an excuse to use up extra milk.. I used the recipe from one of the River cottage cook books which was posted over at Domestic Goddess in Training and is much better than Delia's.. Why do you put egg it it Delia it really doesn't add anything and in fact makes it worse. Definitely 1 to Hugh on that score.

We still have lots of eggs to get through and some pulses though they will last. There is at least a meals worth of stew for a day when we really can't be bothered.

On to the menu.

Sunday - Tonight we had rice and stuff.. ie rice mixed with leftover meat and some vegs.

Monday - Egg and potato bake, with some sort of dark green veg.

Tuesday - Chicken Thai Curry

Wednesday - Pasta and mince

Thursday - Omelets

Friday - not sure yet something simple and meat based, depends what looks nice later in the week but red meat to keep my iron levels high, though they are much better than they were.

Apparently this weeks ingredient is bananas which we don't currently have any of. We do however have lots of apples left over so the current plan is apple crumble possibly Monday as Small expressed interest in helping to make it. Gluten Free Mommy's Banana Bread does look lovely though.


  1. Glad to hear the the rice pudding went well. I've never made Delia's rice pudding, but like you I can't understand why she puts egg in it?!?

  2. Yay for meal-planning!

    I stopped to look at rice pudding in the grocery store---pre-made, which I don't usually buy, but I was thinking about keeping some in our work fridge. But, yep, it had eggs in it, and I agree eggs are not called for in rice pudding.