Monday, 24 November 2008

Weekly menu 24th - 29th Nov

Well best laid plans and all that, what with himself doing late shifts and everyone being under the weather with colds I didn't get round to most dishes though I did manage the Burmese curry (recipe to come later) , gammon and surprisingly did all the baking I planned.

However this week is partly a repeat of the recipes I didn't do last week. This weeks ingredient is sweet potato which I love bit mostly just have roasted and in stews so i will be interested to see what others do.

Monday - Pasta and sauce.

Tuesday - Shepard's pie with mixed root veg topping

Wednesday - kedgeree (rice, kippers, eggs, peas and spices plus anything else I fancy throwing in)

Thursday - Cauliflower and broccoli cheese.

Friday - Lamb and chickpea rice pot

The gluten free menu swap this week is hosted by Book of Yum so please visit there for more ideas.

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  1. Hi Esther, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving me a message, I want to thank yo for the link to the Veg Box site,so useful to me as I am A Veggie..:) I have just been reading some of your blog and love the Allotment idea, you are so lucky, good luck with the new spring crop and send some up to the NW to me when they are ready :)