Monday, 12 January 2009

Weekly Menu 12th - 16th Jan 2009

The soup last week was just as nice as i remembered it. The picture is of my lunch one day, the last of the stock and chicken with a pre-cooked potato, skin and all, chopped up, with some kale and orange pepper just cooked in the soup as it was warmed up.. really nice on a cold day.

This week's gluten free menu host is Fresh Ginger and they have chosen locally grown as the ingredient. Our veg box each week comes from the local organic shop and as much of it as he can manage is locally grown. This year one of our main objectives is to get our allotment up and running so we have our own veg at least part of the time.

Menu this week

monday - meatballs, oven roast veg and cabbage with saltanas

tuesday - bean stew

Wensday - pork chops, potatoes and leeks.

Thursday - omelets

Friday - out in the evening.


  1. I do so love winter food!

    I promised you a cake recipe ages ago sorry it took so long x x finally I have written it out for you. This is the cake I would have every year as I was growing up, my step mum made it and it is from her recipe. I haven't made it myself as I don't have a grinder! lol but it is a truly delicious cake! ENjoy x x x x

    Hazel Nut Cake

    4 ozs Hazelnuts
    5 ozs Castor sugar
    4 eggs seperated
    1 oz unsalted butter
    1 lrg tblspoon Cocoa
    1 Desertspoon Coffee melted in boiling water

    Grind nuts till appearance of course flour.

    Whip egg whites till stiff

    Beat egg yolks and sugar to ribbons.

    Fold in nuts and whites alternatley till mixed.

    Line 2 sandwich tins (7"-8" diameter)
    with greaseproof paper that has been greased.

    Pour mixture evenly into tins.

    Bake in centre of oven on gas mark4 for 20-25 mins

    Don't open oven before 20mins!

    Make up butter icing with the coffee and cocoa and spread on top of cakes,
    sandwich cakes.

    ~Buffy x x

  2. Hi Esther
    Thanks for visiting my blog today. I left the kale and lentil recipe in the comments there. Have you tried fish & chips at any of the Glu2Go shops? We did while we were in Britain and found them very aware and well-trained to prevent cross contamination. Most shops were only doing gluten-free on certain days of the week to help with that too. There was one listed for Warwickshire on the website. Is that nearby?