Friday, 27 March 2009

Sorry I've not been about

Week before last I went down with a bad stomach bug which rather knocked on the head any wish to talk about food! I'm fine now but very busy.. I know I've promised pictures of the kitchen but I am vain enough to want it to look it's best so watch this space and I'll try and blitz it soon.
However while you are waiting here is the inside of the fridge. Don't know about you but i love seeing what others buy :)

In other news I recently tried the tortilla from Delightfully Gluten Free and they are really easy and delish. They will certainly be a regular here in future.

Finally Daring Bakers has a lovely new home The Daring Kitchen and a new sister challenge Daring Cooks so if you aren't into baking you can join that instead. The challenge day is halfway through the month so if you want to join both they are spaced out. I shall be very interested to see what recipes get picked and I'm hoping less of them will need converting to be gluten free too !

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  1. I love looking inside other people's fridges too and yours looks well equipped. I would be in hog heaven! :) Looking forward to your next lovely creation!!