Monday, 2 March 2009

Weekly Menu 2nd to 7th March 2009

Well I've finally finished clearing the main freezer so now I need to defrost it.. probably a job for tomorrow.

This week the Gluten Free Menu swap is hosted by Gluten free Goodness and she picked chickpeas for the ingredient of the week. As luck would have it I had them for lunch. I treated myself to a lunch at the museum cafe and had a plate full of salads, five different ones in fact the last one on offer was pasta based so no good for me. Very nice lunch indeed !

1) Chickpeas, peas, green beans, tiny bits of broccoli all in a light but chilli based dressing.
2) Mixed rices with dried fruit and nuts.
3) Aubergine slices fired in a wonderful slightly sweet spice mix that I really want to try and recreate. As it happens Cheryl mentions a spiced chickpea recipe which sounds like a good starting point for the spices as I definitely spotted cumin seeds and I think cinnamon.
4) lightly cooked fennel with garlic and fresh orange slices with some sort of light dressing possibly balsamic based.
5) Chicory, tomato, mushrooms and cress again dressed in a light dressing.

so on to the menu.

Monday - Baked potato with various toppings.

Tuesday - A cream based pasta sauce (with pasta) as I have cream that needs using as I failed to make icecream.

Wednesday - Barbecue spare ribs, with broccoli and cauliflower cheese.

Thursday - veggy curry, with chickpeas.

Friday - home made battered fish.

I might have another go at hummus this week as well possibly the beetroot one I tried a while back as it was very nice.

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  1. how nice that you were easily able to get something GF. great that you can make good use of the cream, too!