Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wot no buns?

Ok you probably need to be a certain age to get that title and I didn't pose him he just did it himself !

Anyway on to the buns or muffins or cakes whatever you would like to call them. I was pointed to this recipe for fruit and veg muffins on by a post on the gluten free recipe group and we have made them twice now with different fruit each time.

The recipe is very simple and easy to make and is based on a cup of pureed fruit and/or veg. We did peach and pear the first time and this batch are mango and banana. I can see them becoming a regular thing any time we have fruit that needs eating up as have a couple of family members who are a bit picky about fruit being unblemised and so perfectly good fruit can sit about for ages and not get eaten unless it's by me!

Do try them they are very good little cakes, not to sweet and nice and light texture wise. Plus a great way to sneak some fruit and veg towards their five a day into people's diets !

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  1. Any way to keep friends and family healthy by sneaking the supposed 'icky stuff' into sweet treats, is fine by me..and I'm referring to my veggie hating ADULT MAN! Great idea!