Monday, 4 January 2010

weekly Menu - week 1 2010

A picture of me.. what do you mean you can't see me for the battle raging next to and on top of me? 

This week Asparagus Thin has picked movie themed food for our menu swap this week which is a really fun idea, wonder if  can think clearly enough to join in. My movie choices are rather old school which isn't to say I don't watch newer ones it's just those came to mind, probably because I've seen them more often.

Lunches for boys.. - The land that Time forgot (an oldy but a goodie) - dinosaur shaped sandwiches.. we were given a cutter that cuts two dinosaurs from one slice and they love it.

Monday - [Oliver] - Cheese bread and butter pudding for the gluten eaters as we had a good but crumbly loaf to use up. Broccoli and Stilton soup for me.

Tuesday - Daring Cooks challenge dish (can't tell you what it is and a movie would be giving you a clue)

Wensday - [Lady and the tramp - my cat LOVES tuna and when begging reminds me of the siamese]  Tuna pasta bake.

Thursday - [ Lock, stock and two smoking barrels] sausage and mash.

Friday -  We will be cooking dishes for an event at the weekend so probably take out.

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