Monday, 10 December 2007

Weekly menu 10 Dec - 14 Dec

Last week rather went out the window menu wise, in fact the only one I did was Monday. The rest of the week was easy stuff out of the freezer I could throw in the oven or get others to do.

This is because Monday after my GTT (glucose Tolerance test) I started to get pains while out shopping, when they had been continuous for over 4 hours I went to the labour ward and got checked out. The good news is sprogg is fine and so far staying where he is but I have been taking it very gently and spending most of the time with my feet up. Standing for any length of time has been uncomfortable. To be honest I think it is more to do with over stressing muscles re-organising the back room than anything more worrying and I have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow so will get another checkup. I fully expect them to say keep off your feet as much as possible so am planning to do as little as possible which unfortunately includes cooking, as such I have some meals planned that can be done by anyone and will be done which ever day suits.

Pasta and sauce

Chops and oven roasted veg

veg stew

sausage and mash

rice and stuff (ie throw together anything and everything that needs eating)

I do hope to do some baking to take to the in-laws for at the weekend becouse a) that means there will be stuff I can eat and while they try very hard and do well to be fair, it is still easier for me than them. b) home made baking is always nice this time of year for everyone.

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