Monday, 17 December 2007

Weekly Menu 17th - 21st Dec

Well even with a very basic menu I didn't stick to it fully last week. I don't even remember what we had Thursday It was the smalls first christmas play and by the end of walking there and back I had to put my feet up so someone else cooked but I know it wasn't sausage and mash. Friday we had eggy bread and bacon as we left to visit family late afternoon and wanted something easy and I had spare GF bread for mine which was cooked first.

Weekend away was good but it confirmed that walking is going to have to be significantly limited for a while. By the time we had ambled round London a while I was in noticeable pain and walking very slowly and laboriously.
Another very basic menu this week in the run up to Christmas, hopefully allowing me to do some baking and the like.

Monday - Sausage and Mash

Tuesday - omelets

Wednesday - stew

Thursday - pasta and sauce

Friday - I have a friend round to do costume design and sewing so possibly take away or going out to allow me to spend the energy on her not cooking. Also last day at school for small so he is having Christmas dinner that day instead of a packed lunch.

For other ideas, some of them gluten free look at menu plan Monday


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  2. i love your simple menus!! But please tell this "knowledge-deficient" southern girl what "sausage and mash" is! IS it scrambled eggs??? I see you list that meal often, and I don't know what it is!! ;-)

  3. No it isn't scrambled egg. Sausage is well sausage ie minced up meat in a skin, long and thin and mash is mashed potato. We often call it bangers and mash as well. We normally have something like baked beans or peas with it or gravy.

    British sausages nearly always have breadcrumbs or rusk in them traditionally so they are a bit difficult for gluten free but European and south african (we have an african focused butcher in town) ones tend to be pure meat and various butchers now do gluten free ones even if some still try tell me you can't make a sausage with rusk!

  4. Ohhhh! I see! I knew what sausage was, but I didn't know what "mash" was, I thought maybe it was sausage and eggs! ;-) Thanks for explaining! I love potatoes!!

    I had no idea what the word "rusk" meant either! I learn so much from your site!!

    Thanks for explaining both for me!

    I don't think our breakfast sausages here have added breadcrumbs in them, I think they tend to be purely meat and spices.

    My family doesn't eat a lot of sausage outside of a breakfast meal where it comes in links or patties. We don't eat many large sausages that are still in the skin. Although they do sell them!

    I love learning about how things are cooked and eaten in different places!

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