Thursday, 25 September 2008

Baby food

We have gradually been introducing Treestump to food for several weeks but this week he very much jumped from having some purée ever now and then to wanting to eat whenever anyone else does and also from just having purée to being able to cope with lumps and indeed eating things like rice crackers and biscuits unaided.

He had one day of trying to chew, getting food stuck and coughing so we would have to tap him on the back then going back to eating his rice cracker. This happened a few times over the course of the same rice cracker but he kept being adiment he wanted to eat it. After that he seems to have learnt how to chew or at least swallow once he has gummed something to pieces.

Just now he sat and eat a good chunk of banana , just straight as it comes and is now gumming to death a small biscuit. Not bad for just over six months.!

He is definitely following in his big brothers footsteps of preferring strong flavours too which I'm not going to complain about.. but then my favourite food at two was pickles, indeed anything in vinegar.

According to the Uk version of Gluten free for dummies, which is actually a very good book, the best time to introduce gluten to minimise the chances of them developing Celiac is six months so we are planning to start introducing it a little bit. As most f our meals aren't gluten based he isn't going to get as much as most kids would but the boys eat real bread and so forth so he will get some.

We wil see how it goes.

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  1. IF you want food for your baby that is pure, make sure it is packaged in glass.