Monday, 29 September 2008

Menu 29th Sept - 3rd Oct

Theoretical will have a bit more time now as Treestump is at nursery 2 days a week. Of course I'm meant to be doing useful stuff and possibly even money making stuff though working on the house counts as they we don't have to pay someone else..

Anyway menu for the week. I'm not using the ingredient chosed by Kimberly at Living Free because it's almond which I tend to be wary of after a couple of bad reactions I can't tracy to anything else though it doens't always heppen nut allergies are so serious I don't want to develop one. Also i want meals I can mince down for Treestump as he is very keen to eat solids and it's to soon for him to have nuts. Please check her blog for the list of other gluten free menus.

Monday - turkey stirfry with rice noodles

Tuesday - himself is out of the evening meal so we are having bought in Aberdeen angus meatballs and rice.. they look great!

Wensday - stuffed marrow and cauliflower cheese

Thursday - veg and bean stew or curry depending how we feel.

Friday - bangers and mash. (bangers are sausages for the none brits) or fish if I manage to get out and find something nice later in the week.

Baking - planning to retry the eclaire recipe from the August daring baker challenge and do the sept one again using hazelnut flour will blog that in a moment.

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  1. Bangers and mash- DH loves to order that at pubs! tee hee. I need to come up with a veg version!

    Sounds great!