Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Weekly menu

A little late posting and very brief but better late than never.

Monday - Pasta and mince sauce (enough left lunch for later in the week)

Tuesday - Steak and chips

Wednesday - (First day back to school for Small and my Karate class) Salad, including boiled eggs.

Thursday - Chicken and rice

Friday - veggy stew and dumplings.

This weeks Gluten free menu swap line up can be found at Gluten Free Goodness.

I should be doing more with the rest of the apples I was given as well this week. They are Bramleys which cook down to a smooth purée so I've already frozen some cooked with a bit of agave syrup (as Bramleys are not at all sweet) in ice-cubes for Treestump over the next few weeks but should do something with the rest for everyone else.


  1. looks yummy! What is mince sauce?

  2. Mince is what we Brits called ground beef so not as interesting as it sounds.. mince, onion, pepper courgette and a bit of tomato and seasoning is pretty much what went into it