Saturday, 13 December 2008

menu 8th - 12th Dec 2008 - what we actually had

Well this week went rather differently than I planned but in some ways better so I thought I'd post it up.

Monday - Soup and cheese scones. Scones were home made the soup bought in from the local farmers market, his whole range is gluten free and we had a very nice leek, potato and cheddar cheese one with a little crispy bacon to top it off.

Noodles had some scones as lunch the next day. He likes the Dairy lee stacker packs so I made him a home made version with mini scones sliced in half, some slices of ham and baby tomatoes which seemed to go down well.

Tuesday - ended up picking up some discounted fish and turkey so we had pollock on sliced boiled potatoes with a king prawn, pepper, kale and cream sauce, which was very nice. Plus a cooked chicken for lunches.

Wensday - Mediterranean meatloaf following a recipe posted on the gluten free recipes yahoo group which Carrie from Ginger Lemon Girl runs.. It's an extremely nice turkey based meatloaf with sundried tomatoes and a spinach and feta filling.. still enough for another meal too. Definetly a keeper recipe. Served with boiled potatoes, mashed swede and cabbage.

Thursday - chicken (remains of cooked chicken from Tuesday) and bacon Frittata using some cooked potatoes from Wensday, some extra peppers and tomatoes plus obviously a bunch of eggs and a little milk.

Friday - Pizza.. Mine topped with spinach, feta and bacon.. lovely !

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