Monday, 8 December 2008

Menu 8th - 12th Dec 2008

Well the weekend has been a bit slow. We continue with low level illness here. Himself still has a cold which doubles him up coughing and Treestump has been under the weather and running a bit of a temperature at time. I think it might be teething as much as anything.

We had a lovely meal yesterday which was very simple, just carrots, parsnips and swede cut into biggish chunks tossed in a little oil then roasted in the oven with lamb chops put on top halfway through. Served with peas. it was really pleasant particularly after spending an hour or two on the allotment trying to put the glass in the green house. We have broken several panes either when we took it down at mums or now putting it back up. With luck (ie we don't break any more) we have enough to do the side windows but most of the roof is gone.. So I think I'm going to get enough persex to fill in the gaps on one side with the remaining glass and do a wood and felt roof on the other side which gives a little shade but not much. I stopped washing the glass down when the water started freezing as it out in on the windows!

This week Asparagus thin is hosting the menu swap. She has picked a bitter taste as her ingredient and goes on to list lots of brassicas many of which I love and don't find bitter. One I do find rather bitter but himself loves is brussel sprouts and we have a couple of bags currently as they have started to appear in our veg box so I'm going to try a rosti version of a British classic bubble and squeak.

This weeks menu is a bit dependant on how people feel but will go something like this.

Monday - bermese curry with broccilli and rice.

Tuesday - soup and scones

Wednesday - sausages with bubble and squeak rosti using brussel sprouts

Thursday - tomato and eggs

Friday - stew and dumplings.

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  1. I totally want to hear about the Bermese curry!