Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the lack of posts recently we went to visit the in-laws who live by the beach and then had the start of a new school year to sort out. Noodles is settling into Year 2 which doesn't seem quite possible and tells me he can't wait for Treestump to join him but that is a few years away still. I need to arrange to talk to his Headmistress again about picking the fruit off the pear tree with the kids and as everything is ripening very early this year I need to do that sooner rather than later.

Noodles and I did some baking before we went to his grandparents though we didn't take any photos unfortunately. On his request we did apple and strawberry pies, he helped chop things and so on. They were very nice as were the jam tarts we made with the left over pastry. We used the recipe from Gluten Free, Every Day which i reviewed here which worked much better when not burnt! I think however next time I will try without blind baking as the edges still went a little hard and the pie and the none pre-baked tarts were very nice. I was surprised to find the gooseberry curd tarts were more popular with small people than the raspberry jam ones though i am certainly not complaining about that.

As you can see from the photo the weather at the beach was somewhat rough but fun was had and we also visited the New Forest and saw ponies, cattle and donkeys that all roam where they will both across the moorland and through the towns.

We stopped by the end of a small town and saw a path over the moorland with a sign saying access to allotments only so had too look, found a lovely group of about 50 allotments, very well tended and more sheltered than I'd first have though. One of the plot holders allowed us to look round and Noodles was very interested. He was very impressed by a huge pumpkin we saw, which gave us something to aim for next year and he recognised rhubarb which quite impressed me as really he has only seen it once when we went fruit picking earlier in the year. We have agreed that next year we will grown flowers as well as he loves giving people flowers and why buy hothouse ones from the supermarket when we can grow them?

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