Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Menu 28th Sept to Oct 2nd

Well I was going to do a nice menu with several vegetarian dishes as that is the theme chosen this week by the Gluten free menu swap host BUT I went to check a few things in the freezer to finalise the menu and realised it hadn't been on for several hours! Luckily it turned out just to be the plug had been knocked but we now have a lot of sausages, pizza, prawns and other bits of meat to eat up and no ice-cream left at all :(

Have been doing some nice baking recently, just biscuits and the link including the cornflour, lemon and courgette biscuits above.

Monday - individual quiches made with the remains of the puff pastry

Tuesday - Pizza followed by plum crumble (the plums defrosted too).

Wednesday - prawn curry and rice.

Thursday - sausage and smiley faces, more crumble

Friday - pork spare ribs and vegs.

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