Saturday, 26 April 2008

Finally a mixer

I finally got my new mixer! I've been muddling along with a food processor and armpower but it hasn't been easy and with the baby often being in a sling currently i can't hold bowls to whip things and so forth. My food processor is really good at chopping things and the like but it's mixing blade isn't really up to much of what i want to do particularly the monthly daring baker challenges and things like bread making.

So after much consideration I have got myself a Kenwood Prospero from Argos, they had them the same price as mail ordering from Amazon or similar and I could pick up, also theirs came with the liquadiser (which they all seem to) and the food processor which many offers at this price didn't come with. Plus thiers was in silver not gloss white which most other people were offering. The Prospero is a compact version of the Chef which has a long and respected history in the kitchens of this country. I like it's triangular body shape which makes it shorter than the normal style. I did consider the Kenwood Patissier stand mixer as it's prettier and it's retro look would go well in the kitchen but the chef variants allow other attachments like a liquidiser and I don't currently have one of those either.

So fingers crossed it will allow me more chances to play... I mean bake!


  1. Congratulations! I think you made an excellent choice (umm, I own the Kenwood/deLonghi Major). I am very pleased with it's performance.
    Currently I'm looking at the ice maker attachment....not sure yet. Maybe a stand alone is a better choice?

  2. Everything i saw seemed to say that and Lakeland are selling it all be it for more and they are pretty rigorous about product testing and I've yet to get anything off them that was a dud so i trust their picks.

  3. Esther - I'm SO happy for you. I love my mixer too. My husband gave me my red Kitchen Aid after I burned up two less powerful mixers by Sunbeam. It has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen and I know yours will too.


    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  4. Hi Natalie,
    Kenwood is really our equivalent of Kitchen Aid here ie the main one people get when they want a good machine. We can get KA but they are much more expensive here than the equivalent Kenwood and all the reviews seem to say they are on a par with each other.