Monday, 14 April 2008

Weekly Menu 14th to18th April

Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Cornmeal

I'm trying to get back into being a little more organized now the littlest is about a month old. However I'm not going to assign dishes to each day apart from a couple that have use by date on the meat.

This weeks ingredient is cornmeal which I use at times though as mum is allergic to it I'm trying to cut out of general flour mixes but when she isn't here the rest of us are fine with it. I do want to try making some none sweet corn bread but we will have to see if I get time this week.

1) meatloaf (monday or tuesday)

2) veggy pasta with mushrooms and asparagus or possibly polenta if I feel up to trying something I'm less familiar with.

3) Toad in the hole

4) tomato and eggs
(edit - we had this monday and added spinach, thrown on top after the eggs were set and before the cheese. Very good addition)

5) stuff from the freezer, pizza, stew or whatever else jumps out at the time :)

For those who want the know how the little one is doing. He's great, healthy and alert. He has been slow to put on weight but is getting there steadily apart from some colic which we managing fairly well with currently. So far things have been much more relaxed than with my first. My older one still seems pretty happy to have a brother as well which is a bonus as there has been little jealousy or other related behavior


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  2. I'm so glad your little guy is growing well and the big guy isn't jealous. My son was never jealous of our daughter when she was born. He just really wanted her to get big enough to play with really fast.

    Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

  3. I think that view is held here as I keep being asked if he is one yet and when will he talk!