Sunday, 27 April 2008

Weekly Menu 28th April to 2nd May

**** Daring Baker post next one down ****
Picture taken just before I cooked them down to a nice soft rubarb and strawberry mush which I shall be eating later with ice-cream ! One of my favorite spring treats, we have two new rubarb plants in the allotment and strawberry plants are on the list to buy but for now we still have to get both from the shops.

I seem to be managing menu planning every other week but I suppose that is better than nothing.

This week we are mostly using up stuff from the freezer that needs using plus trying to make sure we use the vegs we have from the veggy box we get each week.

The ingredient of the week for The Gluten Free Menu Swap is peas. We use peas every week so that's no hardship. It is one of the few vegs i think is best frozen that is because unless you are picking them off the plant and shelling them there and then it is impossible to get them as fresh because they freeze them within an hour or so of picking and as soon as they are picked they start losing flavor and sweetness. I will probably put peas in the chicken pie and possibly serve them with the smoked salmon bake.

What I don't tend to use is dried peas though I am trying to use more pulses in general, dried peas remind me of pea soup and mushy peas both dishes from my childhood I hated. One of these days I should try and find a way of eating them I do like i suppose.

Sunday - Souffle jacket potatoes, part of my using up egg whites which I'll blog later.

Monday - chicken and leek pie with scone topping
Tuesday - roast sweet pots, beetroots, chops, greens
Wensday - beef stir fry
Thursday - smoked salmon and potato bake (soak beans for Friday)
Friday - bean stew

For more gluten free menus check out Asparagus Thin who is hosting this weeks Gluten Free menu Swap.


  1. Chicken and leek pie with scone topping sounds ridiculously good.

    And I'm envious of your rhubarb! Georgia stays too hot for us to grow it here.

  2. yay rhubarb! I haven't found any yet this year but I can't wait.

  3. I agree with "the veggie paparazzo", chicken and leek pie sounds delish!

    Thanks for the welcome!