Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Late menu - 9th to 13th Feb 2009

Roast veg Frittata

I'm late this week but I just didn't get a chance over the weekend but we did get the greenhouse weather tight, well all but one pane. A lot of the roof has been covered in a stiff plastic and we have had snow since so I will be interested to see how it has held up. Don't think I'll go today unless I park in the top carpark and walk down though cos if you look at the photos on my craft blog you will see the ground around here is rather sodden.

Anyway on to food. The picture above is of the frittata I made last week which is full of spare roast potatoes, parsnips and some cooked carrots plus a little onion and bacon. The vegs all from the freezer after being left over from Christmas dinner !

This week we may or may not have more snow. we had probably a couple of inches over night but it had turned to slush before the school run but still I'm going to plan for not getting out much but we have lots of vegs and stuff in so it's not a problem.

Monday - Had fish fingers and potato croquettes from the freezer, very basic and easy.

Tuesday - beef stew.

Wednesday - leek gratin with roast vegs.

Thursday - Not sure yet.. depends what vegs are left but have various things in the freezer.

Friday - If I can get some nice peppers I fancy trying a version of stuffed peppers Carrie suggested on the gluten free Yahoo group.


  1. Hi Esther,

    Sounds great! Thanks for your post.

  2. Yum yum, that fritatta looks lovely. Also intrigued by this rice paper wrap thing you mentioned... how did that go?