Monday, 23 February 2009

Weekly Menu 23rd to 27th Feb 2009

My first ever waffles !

We got tempted by a very reasonably priced waffle maker this last week and the boys love them so we came home with it. It was under £10 from Lidl so worth a go and the picture above is the result fo trying one of the recipes that came with it all be it with GF flour. These are honey sweetened ones Very nice indeed. I've never had them before as they weren't common here when I last ate gluten. We have since tried the cheese waffles which were great too though did stick to the waffle make a bit more.

Anyway on to this week.

The Gluten free menu swap this week is to be hosted by Asparagus Thin who has chosen Umami as our ingredient. I hadn't even heard of this so off I toddle to wikipedia who tells me that it is is one of the five basic tastes sensed by specialized receptor cells present on the human tongue. It's from Japanese meaning roughly "delicious flavor", although "brothy", "meaty", or "savory" So I guess we will probably be having that a few times this week. I will await er blog entry to find out if I right with interest!

I am still trying to eat up the rest of the food from the bigger freezer so we can defrost it. I've moved the icecream and some other bits to the smaller freezer and there is still some room so we are nearly there I think.

Monday - Pasta with meat sauce, probably beef mince, tomatoes etc with maybe a bit of liver depending what it looks like when defrosted properly.

Tuesday - Something made with puff pastry for the gluten eaters and the pizza base mix from a few daring baker challenges back for me as I have some of each in the freezer.. probably some sort of turn over type things, cheese, cheese and chicken, mushroom depending on what people want.

Wednesday - eat up day of anything that doesn't fit in the smaller freezer.. so probably burgers, pizza, random potato based things and so on..

Thursday - Something veg based as by then we will have had far too much meat.. probably a veg stir fry or curry.

Friday - omelets or tomatoes and eggs.

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