Monday, 16 February 2009

weekly menu 16th to 20th Feb

Spent another good bit of time down the allotment this weekend and no snow this time though it was wet underfoot.. we now have a shed up however. If you want to know more visit our allotment blog. Still be a while till we get any vegs from it though.

This week we have an ill baby in the house and it's half term so the older one is home too. Plus we need to clear the freezer as it's getting rather iced up so this week is very much a week of using stuff from the freezer which will also mean it is more meat heavy than normal as most of the stuff in the freezer is meat based.

This week's gluten free menu swap is hosted by celiacs in the house who picked comfort foods as this weeks subject. I was thinking of doing fruit gobbler again which even after one time I think I can count as a comfort food which will always go down well. Otherwise for me dishes like bangers and mash and fish fingers are very much comfort foods.. things i had as a kid growing up. Chicken kievs are another favourite of mine so all in all we may well have a good few comfort foods this week almost be accident as they are also the things we have in the freezer ! Another which we all enjoy is Yorkshire puds and I seem to be close to cracking make those well gluten free so next time I make them I'll try and remember to measure the ingredients as I use them and post the recipe.

We had a great meal yesterday inspired by a suggestion on the gluten free recipe group.. half a large red pepper each stuffed with mince and onions (quickly fried off to make sure it was well cooked), topped with some tomato sauce, then cheese, then some pepperoni and tomato slices. It was a really good dish and we had it with garlic potato and broccoli.

Monday - lamb chops, potatoes and green vegs,

Tuesday - Spare ribs, probably in an easy barbque sauce.

Wednesday - chicken kiev for me and garlic chicken steaks for everyone else, with rice and vegs..

Thursday - Spicy lentil soup and cheese scones

Friday - kedgeree

Baking.. Fruit gobbler and possibly a blackberry and apple crumble as I know there are still both those fruits left in the freezer from the autumn.


  1. garlic chicken steaks? I'm curious! Have a great week.

  2. Wow..your family are extremely lucky recipients of a menu like that! Sounds wonderful..I LOVE chicken kiev too :)

    On another note, I wanted to pass this award on to you. You can get it here

    Hope your baby is feeling better!!

  3. The garlic chicken steaks are just bought in breaded chicken which are flavoured with garlic. They are apparently quite nice and cheaper than kievs with a similar flavour.. They arn't glutne free though.