Monday, 25 May 2009

Weekly Menu 25th to 29th May

Apple and strawberry Muffin.

This week is half term for school and today was a bank holiday in England. The menu will be very fluid this week as the kids are home and we haven't firmed up exactly what we will do each day. Also I will be doing most of the cooking with the boys in tow and no other adults in the house so it is likely to be simple.

The gluten free menu plan is hosted this week by Angela's Kitchen and her chosen ingredient is avocado. i do like avocado but we don't often have them as they aren't exactly cheap.. I like them in salad and as a dip mostly.

We have been making muffins a fair bit recently and they have been going down very well. We started with corn and bacon ones, then my five year old requested apple and strawberry, made with very little sugar which worked well. I also made sun dried tomato and feta ones for the adults.Sun-dried tomato and Feta

I have a question. Years ago a muffin to me was a flat round bread like thing you cut in half and toast. Then we started getting American muffins which were like huge buns (cupcakes) normally chocolate or blueberry. However recently I've found lots of recipes for savoury ones.. so what defines a muffin and makes it different to a cupcake?

On to the menu.

Monday - went out swimming and had lunch at Nandos, very good chicken and chips so just nibbles of tea. Oh and Nandos sell fabulous pure fruit juice lollies !

four other days.

1) Gammon, pineapple, mange-tout peas, mash or chips.

2) pasta and sauce

3) Silly salad (a silly salad is one that has fruit in it not just vegs according to my five year old !)

4) scones or muffins and soup or omelets.


  1. I like leaving my menu relaxed when the kids are home also. Only a couple more weeks until summer vacation starts for us. I can't wait!

    Your muffin look and sound delicious! I think of the flat muffins as "English muffins" (I live in Minnesota in America), and muffins as slightly less sweet than cupcakes, a bit more dense than cupcakes and without frosting. Though I do make some muffins for the holidays with a bit of a powdered sugar drizzle...

    Thank you for sharing. You menu looks great!

  2. those look like beautiful muffins. enjoy your time!