Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Weekly menu 5th to 9th May 2009

Opps late again !! It was a bank holiday here yesterday so no school, work etc.. threw my sense of what day it was right out.

Photo is the apple blossom on one of our apple trees, actually from a week ago as it has now mostly dropped.

We went to a family party on Sunday that was really nice though I got a headache, not anyone's fault my normal glasses are broken and I'm wearing my next best pair which are a slightly old prescription, everything looks clear but I keep dropping things and getting headaches so a trip to get my eyes checked and see if the other glasses can be fixed is needed. Food however was not a problem as they got a local Indian restaurant to cater and all the dishes apart from the bread were gluten free which was fantastic.. I also met someone who is new to being diagnosed Celiac so we had one of those chats where you conpare notes as it were :)

Anyway to the menu.

Monday we had pizza. Mine had asparagus, bacon and mushroom.. asparagus worked really well !

Tuesday - pork chops with asparagus and green beans.

Wednesday - some form of bubble and squeak.. ie greens and potatoes bound together in cakes of some form. Lots of greens to eat up.

Thursday - home made fish in batter, possibly with a chinese slant, depends on what vegs are left.

Friday - sausage casserole

Other cooking. - I want to try and make some pickled cauliflower as we have a back log of cauliflowers and i love pickles so any favoured recipes gladly accepted!

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